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The True Definition of Morals

Posted on February 6, 2023 by Grady Lagerstrom

Morals! That is a fascinating subject; I understand you need to be thinking Kenia can you define morals. I really believe that morals are rules that society itself has generated and follows. Morals values are indeed very helpful. They are able to help an individual distinguish from wrong or negative behavior that may hurt others whether emotionally or physically. A few examples of the rules are "isn't okay to cheat on the spouse" or "not taking the life span of someone else" etc.

However, moral values are occasionally used to guage others. I really believe that people have all been through situations where our actions or decisions have emerged as immoral to others or for society generally. The issue with morals is that it differs from individual to individual and not just that, moral values may change for the convenience or necessity of an individual at any moment. What do After all by this? Suppose a difficult working family man believes stealing is wrong. But, 1 day he loses his job and contains no money to get them food. No-one would loan him money or give him food. So, he makes the hard decision to steal food from the supermarket to be able to feed his family. Someone else that learns about his behaviors thinks how immoral or wrongful the man's actions are. As the once hard working man that now steals can be involved with feeding his children and think that his reason behind stealing is justifiable.

We all have our beliefs and values predicated on our very own background, culture, experiences, etc. And for me that is okay. However, let's not be too fast or harsh when judging others. Imagine what it might be prefer to walk down their spine and when you cannot picture it, it really is okay! But let's be respectful and understanding collectively.