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Strands of Consciousness Are Growing in Our Awareness

Posted on July 14, 2022 by Grady Lagerstrom

Self knowing of our consciousness is developing its multi-dimensional nature. Up to now you might have considered your brain as flat and thoughts just appear out of nowhere. Now the field of consciousness gets so strong that, in the event that you relax and expand you awareness during your feeling, you'll notice the multi-dimensional nature of one's awareness and thinking process.

You will begin to feel the link with distant realities, where you have different facets of yourself. Here you intend and dream in the subtle degrees of consciousness.

You can be alert to the tapestry of consciousness; where, rather than being flat, there's an infinite web of threads of consciousness connecting all aspects together in a flowing matrix of light.

Perhaps the web may be the nearest exemplory case of this idea, where data is stored in separate locations on servers all over the world. Yet each one of these locations is connected by way of a web of fibre optics or wires, which allow search engines to contact any data you decide to require.

In this same manner, knowledge is stored in the Akashic records and in distant galaxies within an infinite web of thoughts and feelings, that your brain results in impulses of light, which get into and emerge from the underlying field of neutral energy. This field, that is as an empty vacuum or void, links the complete omniverse together.

This field is omnipresent and underlies physical creation; it really is super fluid possesses infinite possibilities. When light enters this field it changes form and boosts many thousand of that time period to a soup or web so fine and complex that any data could be processed, even prior to the thought has time and energy to grow and take form in your brain.

This may be the subtlest degree of the thinking process we've become aware of to date. It's the Internet of the omniverse, a matrix that transcends all physical matter in the human, plant and animal kingdoms.

To hook up to this field there is no need to accomplish anything, since it can be your true nature. This is a procedure for letting go and relaxing and falling back on the Self. Merely to read that is enough to create it to your awareness; as well as your awareness can make the connection to the field in its way and in its time.

Group consciousness has risen to an even where this awareness is now commonplace. Enjoy exploring the finer degrees of your awareness during your feelings.