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Seek to Accept Rather Than to be Accepted

Posted on April 18, 2022 by Grady Lagerstrom

Unfortunately, many of us reside in our thoughts and our feelings about these thoughts let's assume that this can be a natural move to make. We also assume that everybody else understands what we understand. Whether it's true for all of us - it should be true for everybody else aswell.

Or at the very least they must be able to start to see the reasonableness of our arguments and, with enough persuasion, come around to your thought process. You'll find nothing more aggravating then being confronted with someone who won't see logic. However, logic is mainly our beliefs and convictions that are not influential to others in and of themselves. Lots of people spend a lot of time wanting to 'convert' others with their particular doctrines and dogmas without realizing they themselves have grown to be imprisoned within their own convictions. It really is human nature to help others. You want to 'save people' and help them 'see the light'.

I believe that is putting the cart prior to the horse.

If we actually want to help others, we ought to seek to simply accept them because they are with no need to improve them at all. Forget about attempting to explain and convince and allow visitors to be. We retain our opinions and forget that people are securing to them. Consider what the planet will be like if everyone decided on everything. It will be an exceptionally tedious and boring spot to live.

There are many who think that we have to shake people out of these complacency and wake them around the "truth". They think that, unless people come around with their method of seeing things, the existence of our species reaches risk. I call these folks "merchants of chaos". All you have to to accomplish is watch the nightly news to see them at the job. Dire reports of calamity and catastrophe are everywhere. I'm by no means suggesting that there is not cause for concern but I'm suggesting that the only path that we can in fact do anything concerning the way things are (and, for example, about our business or our life) is whenever we have gained our very own freedom and clarity about life. It is stated that what we resist persists.

By insisting that something should be done about and that folks must change their ways, we give that problem more power. It really is our choice to carry to this feeling of opposition provided that we desire but, perhaps by allowing the resistance to melt off, we have been more in a position to be active instead of reactive inside our lives.

Choose to ignore it. If you find yourself arguing for the cause and ending up in resistance from others, elect to switch off the impulse to persuade them and make an effort to accept them because they are. It is not easy. Actually, it could be downright impossible sometimes to simply accept that; what we perceive as utter stupidity; is somebody else's reality. But what we stand to get by the acceptance of somebody else's the truth is a clearer knowledge of what motivates them to do something because they do. Without this understanding, we breed more friction and antagonism and accomplish little. The paradox is that when you want to change things for the higher, we must begin by not attempting to change anything and acknowledge that things are because they are for reasons we might not yet grasp or trust but can figure out how to accept.