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Rapid Personal Change

Posted on March 7, 2021 by Grady Lagerstrom

Modest improvements, and major personal transformations, in virtually any section of life are actually possible for just about anyone - and all without drugs.

The question is not any longer whether personal change can be done for you, but instead: would you like it?

Some people, a little minority, are perfectly happy now and desire no change at all.

Others will be pleased to just improve -- modestly or substantially -- in a single or two regions of life, perhaps lose some weight, or reduce their stress, or stop biting their nails, or enhance their performance in sports, such as for example golf, or their performance in school with test-taking for better grades or the achievement of a specialist certification.

Finally, there are certainly others who would like major personal transformation, who aspire, to quote Henry David Thoreau, "to call home with the license of an increased order of beings".

Thoreau also wrote that a lot of folks live lives of "quiet desperation". Why? Why achieve this many people accept drifting in the status quo sea of a second-rate survival? You can find four explanations why most people accept living on and on with negative conditions that they might eliminate or dramatically improve. Each reason is of a category or group, and I'll bet you belong to one of these brilliant four sets of people.

The first group has actually tried to create positive changes before but experienced little if any success. They will have relied completely on conscious mind technology and its own tools of willpower, traditional affirmations, talk therapy and positive thinking. These tools of the conscious mind have their place, so far as they go. The thing is they often don't go very far. Willpower, for instance, is great for brief bursts of activity or denial. Nonetheless it usually proves useless for permanent results.

Second, lots of people, making use of their busy lives, are simply just unaware that advances in personal transformation technologies have made relatively rapid and dramatic changes quite possible.

A third group have found out about such changes but are skeptical; they're especially skeptical that it'll work with them.

Finally, a fourth group is neither unaware nor skeptical but have settled directly into a safe place below their potential. They will have become rather cautious about change, even positive change. Eventually, because the years go by, these folks frequently have major regrets about their failure to do something and to maximize out of these lives.

Well, did you see yourself fitting into these forms of people? Or simply you felt you're more of a mixture of a few these.

The important thing is that regardless of what categories you do or usually do not belong to, positive change - often of a dramatic nature - could be yours. Yours no real matter what days gone by has been, if - in fact it is a large if - in the event that you want it and so are focused on it.

There certainly are a few individuals who can transform their lives positively and dramatically simply by themselves. Many of us, however, can do far better with the guidance of a coach. Gone will be the days whenever a coach was simply for athletes who would like to improve. Now everybody who would like to improve in nearly every section of life will reap the benefits of professional coaching.

While there is absolutely no such thing as a panacea which will magically make all of your problems disappear completely, advances in personal transformation now make positive personal change possible for almost anybody.

If not now, when? An improved you delayed is really a better you denied.