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Priorities in Life

Posted on May 17, 2021 by Grady Lagerstrom

As we proceed through life, striving to accomplish things that enhance the lives of others, or indeed to boost our very own personal lives, we are able to be judged on our efforts, or we are able to elect to judge ourselves on which we've done.

What may be the better of both? To be judged by others,or even to feel a feeling of self fulfillment? Some would say that it's egoistical to self appraise, whereas the truth is in fact, in so doing, you can seek room for improvement, and in doing this, are more influential, more knowledgeable, and much more critical, in finding a deep inner sense of achievement.

Achievement could be qualified in several ways, whether personal, group, goal setting techniques, financial, or among the many other styles of achievement. A fantastic expression is 'The only person nowadays, that I'm out to impress, is myself.' 'Why', you might ask, and the solution is based on the analysis of the expression. For, the considered impressing oneself, could possibly be regarded as a self indulgent and egoistical lifestyle. However, why don't we go on it one step further, and become critical of these who elect to see it in this manner.

If you can try to impress oneself, to the exclusion of impressing the others of society, then surely which means that an individual must set a considereable degree of personal ambitions and targets or goals, before that each can accept that the others of society also considers her or him being an individual of creditable merit and esteem.

To conclude, the fact that money, material possessions, or any tangeable item, could make a person much better or worse than any person, is really a misconception. Unfortunately, Modern Western Society dictates that capitalism, wealth, and material worth, are prerequisites of success, but take heed, because of this can result in a shallow society that dotes on misconceived values. You can find much larger values in life than those aforementioned. Consider it, and then time you visit a child playing in the park, a wonder of nature like the Angel Falls in Venezuela, or possibly only a bird flying in the sky, then be thankful for the free things in life. Needless to say, it will be unfair to state that money will not give a cushion in life, also it shouldn't be ignored, however the point is, that it's not everything. Money might help us to reach at a spot, whether for food, travel, lifestyle, or whatever, nonetheless it shouldn't be overestimated, because the best things in life are free.