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Dream Interpretation Tips

Posted on February 11, 2022 by Grady Lagerstrom

Here are some strategies for unlocking the coded messages your dreams are sending you:

  • Always keep a dream journal which means you remember your dreams. You need to work with a tape recorder to record the dream when you initially wake up, and write the dream in your journal later if you have time. This way you will get all the details from your head while they're fresh without having to be worried about how fast it is possible to write or how sloppy your writing is.
  • Dream Glossaries along with other online dream resources are okay for reference, but understand that no-one can know what your dream means much better than it is possible to.
  • You must work with a consistent approach and methodology when analyzing your dreams. Dreams aren't random events and you also shouldn't approach their analysis in a random manner.
  • Often times we can not determine a dream's meaning immediately. At these times, just journal the dream as usual and return back and revisit the dream frequently before meaning makes itself clear.
  • Not every symbol in a dream is significant. Sometimes what we think are symbols are actually only props or background exactly like in a genuine movie. For example, if there is a payphone visible in the dream, it could simply be there as you be prepared to see one there. However, in case you are feeling anxious in regards to a telephone call you should make, but have already been avoiding, then your payphone is actually a significant symbol.
  • Dream symbols might have completely different meanings to all of us. There is absolutely no one answer. Work with a process referred to as free association to link symbols in your dream with the very first thing that makes your mind once you take into account the symbol.
  • Remember that sometimes a dream does not have any meaning. It could simply be your subconscious mind's try to melt away excess energy by replaying events which are in your thoughts.
  • Dreams of murder are rarely what they seem, and dreaming of your death is rarely a warning. You can find other meanings to the death symbol which have nothing related to mortality.
  • Even probably the most bizarre dreams could be easily analyzed if you are using a successful methodology for dissecting each symbol in your dream and attaching a real-world meaning to it.
  • Never have a dream at face value. Even though you think that this is of the dream is obvious, you need to still put it during your analysis process merely to make sure. It is rather rare for a dream to mean just what it looks like this means.
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